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The Helios Gómez Cultural Association was legally set up on 20 July 1998 in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain).
The Association's aims are:
a.- The search and collection of data on the life and works of the artist Helios Gómez.
b.- The rescuing and preservation of the artist's works and their divulging.
c.- The defence of the frescos of the oratory, know as Capilla Gitana (the Gipsy Chapel) painted by Helios Gómez in the Modelo prison in Barcelona.
d.- The collection of orals and written testimonies, of historical documents, newspaper articles, photos and graphic documents, aimed at enlarging the Association's documentations.
e.- The production of a reasoned catalogue of the artist's works.
f.- The publication of articles, essays or iconographical documentation regarding Helios Gómez.
g.- The presentation of roving exhibitions on the artist's life and works.
h.- The production of a film on Helios Gómez's life.

A board of directors elected by the members and chaired by Gabriel Gómez, the artist's son, leads the association.

The Association needs external funding. It can receive funds and appeal for funds from any individual or groups wishing to supports its chosen tasc.

The association has not profit-making..

For any further information, please contact the association' registered office. If you would like to support the restoration of the Capilla Gitana, you are invited to send a bank giro transfer to the Association's .

The intellectual property rights related to Helios Gómez's works and those of the Association are represented by VEGAP.

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